I have been a long time sufferer of premature ejaculation, but since taking X-tend my problem is over.

Wow! I thought our love making was great, was I wrong !! I bought a three-month program of X-tend for my husband's birthday---he laughed but I was serious. He never missed a day of taking those wonderful capsules and boy are we impressed. My hubby is so hard and can last so long that he tires me out, but the added bonus is that he gained an extra 2.5cm in length, and he is now starting his second program.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Thank you so much. My husbands penis has grown 5cms and we haven't finished the course.


I had a veary average penis but in only tow months it has grown so big. Can I stop the pills as I don't want it to get any bigger?


Thank very much for your Penis Enlargement Tablets. I had a very small penis as a result I battled to reach orgasm. But since I started using the Penis Enlargement Tablets, the thickness of my penis has increased tremendously. My penis is now more masculine and mt erection has also improved. And now my sexual desire has heightened.


I am very impressed with your product, I have never had such big and hard erections.

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